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Imagine a Las Vegas Gun Death Toll Every Day: It's Happening

MHA sends its sympathies to the families of the 59 individuals who lost their lives in Las Vegas this week. We also send our sympathies to the families of the 59 individuals who die in the US every day by suicide using a firearm. Press Release >>

Shel Gross Receives the Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force 4th Annual Karen Avery Award

The Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force (MHTF) has announced that Shel Gross will be the fourth recipient of the Karen Avery Award. Shel Gross has been the Director of Public Policy for Mental Health America of Wisconsin (MHA) since April 2000. The award was established to honor Karen’s tremendous legacy as an advocate, mentor, peer, and leader in advancing the rights of people with disabilities, and supporting independence and power for people with disabilities. Karen was a leader in the Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force and a mentor to so many.  More >>

Milwaukee Coalition Awarded $1 Million to Improve Children’s Mental Health

This five-year initiative will emphasize cross-sector collaborations and community engagement

The Milwaukee Coalition for Children’s Mental Health (MCCMH) is a cross-sector, community-driven collaboration to improve the mental and behavioral health of children aged 0-8, some of the youngest and most vulnerable kids in our city.

The MCCMH was formed to address prevention and early intervention of mental and behavioral health issues and build child and family resiliency. It is comprised of more than 25 local organizations and initiatives and supported by Mental Health America of WI as the fiscal agent/backbone agency. MCCMH is funded through the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin (AHW) endowment at the Medical College of WI. Learn more >>

Representative John Nygren Receives Leadership Award from MHA

Mental Health America awarded Wisconsin State Representation John Nygren a Leadership Award for his exceptional efforts in the area of behavioral health. Rep. Nygren has diligently worked to improve the response to the opioid epidemic, driven in no small part by the experiences of his daughter, Cassie. Rep.Nygren, pictured here second from the right, received the award at a breakfast during an MHA Regional Policy Council event in Denver on July 20th.

Texto Esperanza

The Milwaukee Latino Health Coalition is excited to announce the Spanish Hopeline- “TEXTO ESPERANZA”.  The MLHC is addressing the need for emotional support and suicide prevention with teens and adults through a program that is a SMS text message-based service. The resource is called TEXTO ESPERANZA and it is the Spanish- Emotional Support Text Line for the State of Wisconsin.  The HOPELINE is a “text” in for help and hope service. The person in need is answered via any type of device that has internet access, computer, laptop, IPAD or tablet.  The person is able to text in their need and receives support, confidentially, all via text mode. The Spanish Hopeline is HIPPA compliant and is a statewide service.   Hours of operation:  2-shifts Monday-Thursday (Noon-4pm  and 6pm-10pm). Text APOYA to 839-863.

¿Necesita alguien que le escuche o alguien que le apoye? “Texto Esperanza” es un servicio GRATIS de apoyo emocional por texto, para adultos e adolescentes. Voluntarios entrenados ofrecen apoyo emocional y social a la comunidad latina, por texto. Es nuestra meta ofrecer apoyo emocional para prevenir las crisis. Mande ‘APOYO’ a 839-863 (es gratis) de lunes a jueves 12-4 p.m. & 6