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Mental Health in the News

Employers Have a Stake in the Urgent Need for Mental Health Care

March 23, 2015 cover story on featuring Dawn Zak, Associate Director of MHA. Read the article >>

Peer Run Respite Services Begin This Month

The Department of Health Services (DHS) announced today Wisconsin’s first Peer Run Respites will open to guests this month, following open houses this week. 

Peer Run Respites serve adults having difficulty coping with mental health or substance use concerns. The homes offer a safe, supportive environment managed and staffed by individuals who have experienced similar stress and symptoms and who themselves have been successful in the recovery process. Each home has at least four beds and as many as five. The average stay is between one to five days. Read the Press Release >>

Precious Lives

Precious Lives is a 2-year, 100-part radio series about young people and gun violence — homicide, suicide, accidental death and the impact on family and community. Each piece is 5-7 minutes long. Each is engaging, intimate, and illuminating — giving voice to many people not represented in mainstream media, creating sustained attention to this persistent problem, and showcasing solutions many in our community don’t know about. The series features those directly affected by the violence as well as dynamic people working to stop it.

#008 Precious Lives: Like Father, Like Son

Over a 9 year period Reverend Fuller lost all three of his sons to gun violence. Since the death of his last son he launched a program aimed at preparing estranged fathers to reconnect with their children. Each time Rev. Fuller helps to restore a family, he feels that just maybe his own sons did not die in vain. Listen to the segment >>

A City's Tragedy

The February issue of Milwaukee Magazine story regarding the life and death of Dontre Hamilton, ongoing concerns in Milwaukee and the Hamilton family’s advocacy work. Read the Milwaukee Magazine article >>

2014 Behavioral Health Barometer for Wisconsin

This is the second edition of the Behavioral Health Barometer: Wisconsin, one of a series of state and national reports that provide a snapshot of behavioral health in the United States. The reports present a set of substance use and mental health indicators as measured through data collection efforts sponsored by SAMHSA.  The Behavioral Health Barometers will provide critical information to a variety of audiences in support of SAMHSA’s mission of reducing the impact of substance abuse and mental illness on America’s communities. Read the report >>